Saturday, December 18, 2010

Volturi vs. Bobbi Brown Review (Achieve Twilight's vampires sparkling skin)

This review is way overdue by the way. Ok so I know there are tons of Twilight die hard fans out there who want to achieve that vampire look: pale, red lips, sparkling skin. Well I'm here to review about two products which I found interesting to do a review on achieving that sparkling skin everytime the sun hits it. I bought the Volturi Twilight Immortal and Bobbi Brown Shimmering Body Oil. I wanted to compare both of these products based on how sparkly your skin can get. Remember we want to achieve that look ;-)

And don't worry! Your skin won't turn black with the Volturi
Here's the Volturi:
 It comes with a nice bottle too!
Sorry! My hands are dry >.< Anyway I put a drop on my hand to show its consistency. 


Can you guys see the glitters?? :)  By the way, this one is unscented.

Next will be Bobbi Brown Shimmering Body Oil: 

Don't forget to shake it..or else the distribution of its sparkling goodies wouldn't be even. :)

This one of course is liquidy compared to the other one because of the oil. Smells great too! Reminds me of summer...

You cannot really see it that much on this picture but it's less than the previous one. However, you can still see the sparkles in some angles. This is very subtle.


I like the Volturi one in terms of the sparkliness. You can put it anywhere you want on your body. Nice shimmer! The Bobbi Brown one isn't too sparkly and it's a bit too shiny for the skin because of the oil. I would recommend it when you're at the beach. You get that glow on your body! In this review, I would recommend for you guys to try the Volturi Twilight Immortal one. Well it's really up to you guys which one you want but personally I like the first one better. Hopefully this review helped!

See ya!

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