Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Week

I'm sooooo sorry I haven't been posting stuff here lately..Well it seems like it's been forever. This week is my busiest week of this month since Spring Break is coming up and exams are piling up this week. x_x
I'll start posting things up again by Thursday night. 

Hope you guys are having a blast this week (for those who are on their Spring Break) and for those who aren't, good luck with the upcoming exams.. You can do it!

Thanks for reading! =)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I bought this last week and this is the second time that I've bought this product. My first ones went dull already and it lasted me for about 2 years. It's really gentle and effective. I usually use it to remove unwanted eyebrows. I love the colors too ^___^ The price is around $4. You can buy it from here and it cost $2.50 which is cheap.

The second thing that I bought is the DARIYA HAIR MAGIC SHEET

I like this product because it holds your hair firmly while washing face or putting make up on. I've been looking for the pink ones but they ran out. So I picked out the blue ones instead. ^^,

It comes with 2 pieces and you can also buy it from here. It's a good deal to buy stuff from SASA because some of their products are a bit cheaper and offers free shipping when you buy $75 or more worth of products.
I've bought these products from FOCUS in San Gabriel, CA

I'm sorry this post is a bit boring...LOL...i think cos I'm really sleepy >.< and I'm waiting for my pillow cases to dry. (hurry up dryer) haha...

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I dyed my hair yesterday cos my hair is starting to get lighter than what I want and so I went to FOCUS store in San Gabriel, CA to buy two boxes of LUCIDO-L Hair Dye(Royal Latte) and yes I need two boxes because of my long hair >.< =P

This color has this cool ash beige with less yellow tone to it which I like. Each box is about $8 each and it's a little bit cheaper than other drugstore hair dyes.

If you want to browse more of this products, visit their main website. I tried searching where others can buy this online but i failed to find one. They do sell it on ebay and other sites but I don't trust sites that quick. So might as well not mention it and just do your own little research. My best bet is on ebay and hopefully that product is not fake. The downside of this product is that it doesn't come with English instructions. 

 I've labeled them to avoid confusion ^_^

Here's how to use:
1. Put Developer 2 bottle onto box, add entire tube of Colorant 1 into the bottle,replace the cap securely and shake the bottle about 30 times so as to mix thoroughly.
2. Replace the cap with the comb nozzle and apply mixture evenly onto dry hair. Leave for 15-25 minutes.
3. Check color development, rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear then shampoo, Apply the after color conditioner, then rinse well with water.
The Lucido-L Hair color uses weak Alkali to minimize damage to hair and contains four hair care ingredients: Collagen, Pearl Extract, Silk Essence, and Camellia oil for smooth hair
Overall, I like the product and like always, the color didn't come out to be what's on the box. =P But I like the results because my hair doesn't have that orangey tone to it anymore. That's all what I want to get rid of. =P

Keep out of reach of children.
Haircolor can cause an allergic reaction which, in certain rare cases, can be severe.
Do not use if you had a reaction to a haircolor product.
Do not use if you have a sensitive, itchy or damaged scalp.
If you have a tattoo, the risks of allergic reaction may be increased.
Perform a skin allregy test 48 hours before each use of this product.
Do not use for dyeing the eyelashes or eyebrows.
If swallowed, get medical help.
Discontinue use if rash, redness, and itching occurs.
Consult physician if irritation persists.

Ok, i've given enough warnings already XD 
Thanks for reading and hopefully you'll try this product too.
Have a great day! ^^

Friday, March 26, 2010


I bought this like almost a month ago at San Gabriel, CA. This package includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment, and a packet of Ultra Intensive Treatment for hair.
 I've used alot of shampoo and conditoner in the past. I've also used Tsubaki Shampoo and Conditioner. However, that was a disappointment since back then I had very healthy hair and after using it my hair turned really oily. It was wrong in my part, and now I learned that you're not supposed to use these kind of shampoos unless your hair is really damaged, for example,bleaching your hair. If you use it and you have healthy hair, you'll end up having oily roots, which was kinda disgusting because that's what happened to me >.< By the way Essential Nuance and Tsubaki are almost the same thing but the good part for the product Essential is the price. It is much cheaper than Tsubaki. 
I dye my hair frequently so these products are a perfect match for my hair. Now, using this kind of shampoo doesn't turn my hair oily anymore (ha! which means my hair is damaged =P) Using this product restores moisture to my hair and it doesnt feel like it's about to break or something. It also strengthens my hair as well. 

Here are the ingredients for each of them (close up):

Here are the actual products out of their package! ^___^

Shampoo More Info

Conditioner More info

Treatment More info

Intensive Hair Mask More info

Overall, I love these products because it definitely showed a change on my hair without weighing my hair down. As for the smell, for some reason it reminds me of guava hahaha...maybe it's just me...XD
I will definitely buy it again ~ package cost around $18 
You can buy them individually here
They have an actual Sasa store in Hong Kong and that's where I bought some of my cosmetics and beauty products when I visited there. I'm going back next year so I'm really happy! 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it! =D
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Thursday, March 25, 2010


I got this from The Cosmetic Company @ The Block in Orange, CA since they sell discounted cosmetics. I forgot how much this is since i throw receipts right after i get home >.<
I use this loose powder in exchange with my CLINIQUE Pressed Powder if I wanted to add more sheen. It gives you this glowing look especially when it's sunny outside. It doesn't feel heavy on your face at all. It also gives a smooth look and freshness to your face. However, this can get messy while applying to your face because sometimes when we are in a hurry applying make up, we dont have the time to "gently tap" the brush to remove excessive powder which sometimes creates a "powder dust" residue on your shirt while applying it. ><
Overall, I like this product to use as an every other day look or whenever I feel like using it. =P

I added a little more than usual to show it.  The sheen is not that noticeable in this picture because of how much I applied on my wrist. So, the important factor is to just use a right amount to achieve that nice sheen your face.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OPI Nail Polish Shipment

This post is wayyyy overdue...and Yes! I've received my nail polishes in no time. The shipment was quick and I'm happy about that.

And again, I bought these from head2toebeauty
It's really exciting everytime I order something and one day a box is waiting for you outside your door. It's like opening a gift! XD
Anyway, I've only tried a couple of these polishes yet since I've been using my old ones. So far, i'm loving the colors that I've gotten cos it really goes well with what I'm wearing. Here are the new colors that I've gotten just in case you didn't read my previous blog. OPIDusk Over Cairo, Makes Men Blush, Miso Happy With This Color, I'm Fondue of You, Chocolate Shake-Speare, Rose Petals, Don't Melbourne the Toast, and Outrageous by China Glaze
I'm going to show the colors for these later on when I'm free.
Thanks for stopping by! =D