Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OPI Nail Polish Shipment

This post is wayyyy overdue...and Yes! I've received my nail polishes in no time. The shipment was quick and I'm happy about that.

And again, I bought these from head2toebeauty
It's really exciting everytime I order something and one day a box is waiting for you outside your door. It's like opening a gift! XD
Anyway, I've only tried a couple of these polishes yet since I've been using my old ones. So far, i'm loving the colors that I've gotten cos it really goes well with what I'm wearing. Here are the new colors that I've gotten just in case you didn't read my previous blog. OPIDusk Over Cairo, Makes Men Blush, Miso Happy With This Color, I'm Fondue of You, Chocolate Shake-Speare, Rose Petals, Don't Melbourne the Toast, and Outrageous by China Glaze
I'm going to show the colors for these later on when I'm free.
Thanks for stopping by! =D

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