Sunday, March 28, 2010


I bought this last week and this is the second time that I've bought this product. My first ones went dull already and it lasted me for about 2 years. It's really gentle and effective. I usually use it to remove unwanted eyebrows. I love the colors too ^___^ The price is around $4. You can buy it from here and it cost $2.50 which is cheap.

The second thing that I bought is the DARIYA HAIR MAGIC SHEET

I like this product because it holds your hair firmly while washing face or putting make up on. I've been looking for the pink ones but they ran out. So I picked out the blue ones instead. ^^,

It comes with 2 pieces and you can also buy it from here. It's a good deal to buy stuff from SASA because some of their products are a bit cheaper and offers free shipping when you buy $75 or more worth of products.
I've bought these products from FOCUS in San Gabriel, CA

I'm sorry this post is a bit boring...LOL...i think cos I'm really sleepy >.< and I'm waiting for my pillow cases to dry. (hurry up dryer) haha...

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