Friday, March 26, 2010


I bought this like almost a month ago at San Gabriel, CA. This package includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment, and a packet of Ultra Intensive Treatment for hair.
 I've used alot of shampoo and conditoner in the past. I've also used Tsubaki Shampoo and Conditioner. However, that was a disappointment since back then I had very healthy hair and after using it my hair turned really oily. It was wrong in my part, and now I learned that you're not supposed to use these kind of shampoos unless your hair is really damaged, for example,bleaching your hair. If you use it and you have healthy hair, you'll end up having oily roots, which was kinda disgusting because that's what happened to me >.< By the way Essential Nuance and Tsubaki are almost the same thing but the good part for the product Essential is the price. It is much cheaper than Tsubaki. 
I dye my hair frequently so these products are a perfect match for my hair. Now, using this kind of shampoo doesn't turn my hair oily anymore (ha! which means my hair is damaged =P) Using this product restores moisture to my hair and it doesnt feel like it's about to break or something. It also strengthens my hair as well. 

Here are the ingredients for each of them (close up):

Here are the actual products out of their package! ^___^

Shampoo More Info

Conditioner More info

Treatment More info

Intensive Hair Mask More info

Overall, I love these products because it definitely showed a change on my hair without weighing my hair down. As for the smell, for some reason it reminds me of guava hahaha...maybe it's just me...XD
I will definitely buy it again ~ package cost around $18 
You can buy them individually here
They have an actual Sasa store in Hong Kong and that's where I bought some of my cosmetics and beauty products when I visited there. I'm going back next year so I'm really happy! 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it! =D
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