Friday, April 8, 2011

New Post!

Hey lovelies!

I have a new post on my new blog:

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Blog ^___^

Hi lovelies!! I have my own blog now..

Please visit my new blog:

It has everything: food, beauty, fashion, traveling, etc. 

I currently have 2 posts, so it might be a bore.. :)

Check it out! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Goodbye :(

Today is my last day for blogging here. I know i haven't posted anything for awhile and I decided to stop blogging here at blogger/blogspot. Sorry! :/

I am switching to wordpress and will get my own domain name. My new blog will be different from this one. Instead of being strictly make-up based, it will be a "well rounded" type of blog: traveling, events, food, photography, of course make-up, skin care, etc. 

I don't want to leave but I'm getting tired of signing to different accounts and talk about different things on each. Plus, I've been wanting to try wordpress :)

I will let you guys know in the future when the not-so-professional launch date of my new blog.. :)

I will be keeping this blog open for my readers.

To my readers: Thanks for reading my blogs. I know I'm not that great of a writer myself lol and I hope you guys will visit my future blog.

I'm still brainstorming for my domain name and will let you guys know ASAP. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mini Haul: Tarte Cheek Stain

Hello my lovelies.. Again, I apologize for not blogging for awhile..I have my own reasons haha..First, I was in deep thinking of changing my major (Biology). Class started 2 weeks ago and I absolutely detest my classes:(2nd sem of Bio, Calculus). I was thinking, "No, I don't think this field is for me..I need to change soon before it's too late." So after consulting with a bunch of friends if I was doing the right thing, I finally pluck up the courage to do so. They said, "Do what you LOVE to do, not what people EXPECT you to do." I couldn't even remember the things that a bio major SHOULD know. The truth is, I don't care at all. My heart sways to Business Administration :). And so, I declared my major last week as a Business major (sports, entertainment, and hospitality management). I will be getting my Master's for Human Resources Management and get a Post-MBA certificate for Global Logistics. much to do. But this is what I would like to do in the future. And so, I dropped my bio-related classes and added an economics class and a management class. Now, I am uber happy. I should cut this short and let's proceed to my mini haul! Sorry for blabbering so much..

I love the colors.. The bright pink one doesn't appear to be that bright once you put it on. Sorry I forgot to take pics on how it would actually look like on skin. >.<

I have gotten this awhile back..I think 3 months ago. Seriously, I'm way behind schedule for blogging. Terrible! LOL
I also got a free ring for purchasing this trio.

The cheek stains are good for everyday use. I really don't have a preference on which kind I want: powder or cream blush. I love both kinds and as long as it looks good on me, it's a plus! ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review: Evian Brumisateur Mineral Water Spray

I've been lagging with my posts.. >.< 

Anyway, here's another product review for you guys.

I was introduced with this product by my sis in law. She loves this stuff so I bought one for myself. I use this every time it's hot and humid outside.
I love the coolness sensation on my skin (face) every time I spritz away. I also use this when i'm tired and whenever I feel like my skin needs some refreshing time. Instead of going to the bathroom and wash my face, I use this instead. It's very convenient. I got this from Sephora by the way (travel size). I think it's $12 for two small cans.

I highly recommend for you guys to try it..Very refreshing!! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hi my loves! :)

I'm in good condition now so I will start blogging! YAY!
 It's been awhile..yes..
I have a lot of stuff to share with you guys that's why I'm so excited.

My mom bought this CLINIQUE Make up Kit for me which I haven't used it yet since I was sick and haven't been wearing make up for at least a week or two now i think? That's a long time :)

I've never used CLINIQUE make up before so I guess this will be my chance. The truth is, I'm not a big fan of CLINIQUE make up line but I guess this is gonna be my chance to try the product and change my impressions with it. I'm picky with cosmetics but I'm open to try all of them. How can you tell if something is really good or not right? Don't judge a book by its cover. But I still do hehe. But hey like I said I will try all of them.

She got this kit from HK and I'm wondering if they do have it here in the US. I do like the colors. Very simple and natural for everyday look.

The top part of the kit are an array of lipsticks (Long Last Lipstick). From left to right: 03 Creamy Nude, FC Pink Peach, 12 Blushing Nude, 97 Party Red, G7 Pinkberry.

The second row is the Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad: 02 Spicy

The third row which you have to pull it out are the Superpowder Double Face Powder (02 Matte Beige) and Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher (20 Mocha Pink)

And of course it comes with a travel size High Impact Mascara (Black) ~I need to include this with my mascara review :)

I will let you guys know how I like this one soon. =P Bye for now..More posts to come!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hi everyone! I haven't been blogging lately.. :( 
I have alot of stuff to share to you guys but my eyes are in no condition to be online frequently. I forced myself to make this announcement to give you guys some news what's going on with me.. I think im over fatigued? I need to sleep for the whole day maybe.. *sigh*.. I love blogging and it makes me sad that I cannot do it at the moment. 

Anyway, hope you guys are ok... :)

<3 KC