Thursday, December 16, 2010

Semester is DONE! ^___^

Hi guys! I'm officially done with my fall semester and now I'm on my 1 month winter vacation :) I will be posting alot more from now on and hopefully will get a sense of good time management too! XD I have three shipments coming (hopefully by next week it's here). I ordered something from sasa, sephora, and Yes the last one seems a little strange. I wanted to do a review for those twilight fans out there (including me) :) haha Anyway, I was browsing through their website and found interesting eyeshadows(very dramatic ones) and before I forget, they actually have a sale going on right now throughout December: everything is 50% off. Here's the link: Twilight Beauty and they ship for free for orders $50 and up. You guys should check it out. I will post it up here as soon as I get it and have a review about it after a month or so to test everything out. 

Bye for now! =)

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