Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DHC Hair Cosmetic Series Hair Lotion Morning Review

Hello hello! I'm doing a review for this hair product that I bought from sasa. I first heard this from Eki and decided to buy one for myself from Sasa since she did a great review about it. I'm soooo happy that I did buy it! Great stuff! I usually use it in the morning when I do not have the time to shower. I spray my hair with water first then spritz this afterwards and blow dry it in "cool" setting.. Oh my! It leaves my hair silky soft and smooth. I love how it smells too.. It has a very girly smell.. haha..That's how I imagine it everytime I smell it.. XD Anyway, you guys should check out her blog.. She gives great reviews on products.. :)Thanks to her, this is going to my HG items haha!

If you guys are planning to buy one, better hurry.. It gets sold out quick! I actually have to wait for mine to be in stock. As soon as this item was in stock that time, I jumped and bought it already and was thinking to buy two at the time but they do not allow me to buy two of these for some reason. It cost me $11.00 from sasa plus shipping.. The last time I checked which was 5 minutes ago, this item is still in stock.. Please let me know if you guys got it...If so, how was it? Did you like it? Any pros or cons? 

Have Fun!


ChloƩ said...

Oh~! The bottle looks soo cute,
I'm curious about the reviews, 'cause I definitely need new hairspray.


ps. I like your blog too c:
so I surely will make you art after a follow n w n.

KC said...

aww you're soo sweet! <3 and yea u should try this one.. it's perfect for bedheads..haha..and u can use it too after showering.. :D

Anonymous said...

I bought this from sasa and i was wondering if you need to wash this off at the end of the day.. XD i can't wait to try it out ;3

KC said...

It depends on you.. :) If you don't want to sleep with spray stuff on your head, then you can wash your hair. Personally, i like my hair clean so I wash my hair at night to remove this. Hope this helps! Let me know how you like it ;)