Sunday, November 14, 2010

Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S Review ;)

Two weeks ago, my old celfone (LG Ice Cream) decided to give up on me unfortunately. So I was forced to buy a new celfone and my contract with T-mobile hasn't even ended yet. Bummer! Luckily, when I called customer service they offered me the discounted price for the fone to renew my contract with them. I'm only 2 months shy before my contract will end. She said that she waived the fee for express shipping. I was really happy! After 2 days, I found the package sitting in front of my door waiting.. :)

 Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S

What's inside the box:
-Micro SD adapter
-Extra back shell for the celfone
-Samsung fone
It took me around 3 days to get used to txting with this. Since I'm still stuck with my old ways (flip phone).XD

 Front view
(I just took this right now since I figured out I'm doing a review for this fone might as well go all the way right?) 
I love how the colors are so vivid.
The fone has 4.0" Super AMOLED Screen and 9.9mm thickness


The back looks nice too but that's not too important haha!

-As I said before, the 4.0" AMOLED screen

-Daily Briefing

hmmm not that cold tonight.. :)
-Integrated Calendar
Month view

Weekly View

Day View

List View

For example: Let's go to Mitsuwa in Torrance, CA. You can select whether by car, bus, biking, or walk! Isn't that cool?

Another cool thing about it is that you can view the live traffic views! =D

and you can also view your route by satellite view! Another cool thing! =D


 shows what's around you: restaurants, house/apt for rent, bars, shopping etc.

write and go app.. write anything and share it!

see.. you can update it to facebook too.. you can use swype keys with these too..

-ThinkFree Office
can view any documents you have; PDF, Word, Powerpoint, etc.

and soooo much more... I really need to cut this review short..

OVERALL: I LOVE IT!!! I think this beats the iphone 4 ;-) You can multi task with it and have different home screens. You can customize fonts and such. The only con about this fone is that it sucks the battery life quick! You need to have your charger with you and get a car charger. So while you're driving you can charge it! Unless you don't use it as much then i guess it will last for the whole day. But the charger is your best friend.. ;-)

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