Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beauty Mini Haul

I admit that I packed the very last minute because of my exams. I didn't get the chance to pack until the night before my flight. I bought these necessary items because I ran out and I need it for my mini vacation.

I bought this MAC Brush Cleaner for my MAC brushes. I cannot imagine not having this for my brushes. I use this everyday to clean my brushes. If I'm not mistaken, this is around $12. This brush cleaner cleans my brushes really well without leaving any make up residues especially the foundation. I recommend this to you guys especially if you have MAC brushes. 

Second, I bought this Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer for my eyes to hide those dark circles (an outcome for staying up late studying) lol XD
This is the first time I'm using this so i cannot say anything about it yet. So far, I'm liking it because it hides my dark circles very well. =D I'm totally happy about this product and I'm satisfied as a consumer...
I use this with a concealer brush and would gently pat underneath my eyes. (Should've made a before and after pic!) Oh well, next time..please remind me since I tend to forget things..

Third, I bought this REVLON PhotoReady foundation. I've been hearing alot of good reviews about this product so I gave it a shot. Plus, i'm too late anyway to go back to the mall and buy my foundation there so this is my last resort. I really like this foundation alot. It has this nice shimmer everytime the sun hits my face as if i'm sparkling! =D This is a good buy if you use foundation everyday (like me). This is ~$11-12 and it's not bad for everyday use compared to buying a $45 and up foundation. I also recommend this product as well because of its price and nice finish after putting it on.

Fourth, I also bought this ORIGINS Drink Up Intensive for my overnight mask. First time buying this too. I like how light it is on my face. Everytime i put this on, it feels like im not wearing it..good stuff! It also doesn't feel greasy. This is to be used before going to sleep and I'm actually seeing results now..My skin looks hydrated now..Im planning to switch to Origins from Laneige since they have more natural ingredients. I dont want to smother my face with different kinds of chemicals. This mask is ~$21

Overall, I'm not disappointed with the products that I've bought especially the ones that I've bought for the first time... =D

Try it too...and let me know your results..=)

Happy reading! =D


Mimi said...

Nice haul!! x

KC said...

thanks!! i've got more to upload later on... =D