Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5th Day

Today is the 5th day I'm here in Surrey, Canada and i really miss CA weather..=(
It's really windy, rainy, and cold here... =/
I'm coming back home this Saturday so expect to see alot of stuff posted here lol =D

I cannot wait to come back home and show you guys the stuff I bought...really fashionable items!
I went to Zara, H&M, etc. 
I know that they have those stores in CA too but i found some items that they do not sell over there...

I also went to Seattle last Saturday and went to the outlets...I found the Cosmetic Company but it was full of people! x_x
I dont wanna get run over by those ppl...haha...so i steer clear to them...

I dont know where I'm going today but i'll keep you guys posted!

Sorry no pic for this post...I cannot even find a slot for the SD hahaha XD

PS: I've taken lots of pics..cannot wait to post them! =D

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