Sunday, October 24, 2010

CHANEL Lipstick

I've been wanting to share this but I kept forgetting it! >.<
3 weeks ago, I bought this Chanel Lisptick that I super loved! haha

Let me ask you guy this question: Have you guys ever wonder what kind of CHANEL lipstick did Vanessa Paridis wore on the CHANEL ad that she's in?
Answer: It's the Rouge Coco #05 Mademoiselle

Apparently, this lipstick is the popular one after that ad came out. Well, that's what the saleslady told me. :)
I've already used this for 4 times already so it looks like that.. =P

Overall: I love it!
Why? The color is fabulous! It stays on for a long time, I love the casing (quite cold to the touch), the color gives you an elegant look yet so chic!

The only CON: Price!! $___$  It's $30 for a lipstick...But then, it's totally worth it!

It's available in local department stores.

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